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Your coworker quits and that means that you are doomed to never stop working here. She’s apparently going to stealth quit on Friday, which is bullshit. A little adulting, please!? This may actually kill my ability to go to Conflikt at the end of the month, so I’m a teensy bit despairing at the mo. I was given a hall pass, but that was before my colleague decided she won’t be working past tomorrow. I’m already working 2 hours of OT, at least; I’ll know what extra emoluments the day holds after my relief shows up, whenever that is…

I have almost 600 likes on my second Supernatural fanfic. Rowena refers to Castiel as a ‘clucking halfwit’ which I think is a very jolly but rude thing to say. There are a couple of other lines in there I really enjoyed writing, but I think I have to give it up and go back to the ACTUALLY WORKING ON MY OWN SHIT end of the ‘verse. You know, editing, and whatnot.



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