Grr argh

So the dude whose rudeness almost made me quit this job – which is far from perfect, but is an actual job – called me at 1 am this morning and asked me to swap shifts. Because he doesn’t like working Saturday nights sometimes, yo.

Haven’t heard from him for two months since he’s been on vacation and the first thing out of his face was ‘do me a favour’ followed by whining about how me not agreeing is inconvenient to him. He wants me to break up my weekend to be nice to him, and there is really not a fucking thing in the universe which would make me want to be nice to him, since he’s already made it plenty clear that he’s a mansplaining assbutt whose response to me attempting to make conversation is to talk louder and interrupt me.

Also, if you’re a nurse and you say you’ve phoned four times for a room clean and your male colleague has actually called once, and only 20 minutes ago, I’m gonna think poorly of you.

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