So I had an hour long scotoma this morning; it was of a zebra striped worm running all over my visual field, sometimes obscuring half of it, sometimes one corner. Spent a lot of time in bed today, mostly sleeping.

I’m adjusting my diet a little to see if that helps and drinking less caffeine overnight (but not going cold turkey, that will make it worse.)

Upsun edit is finished. I’m going to do another really close re-read to ensure that there are no continuity errors between the first two books (caught a couple of doozies – easy fixes, fortunately), and then hand it over to Jeff to upload. So I missed my end of Feb deadline but not by too much – there’s maybe another week of close re-reading to go. I am working full time, in case I hadn’t previously pointed that out.

I wish it was funnier, although it is in spots, and the second book in the trilogy has some of my favourite humorous bits in the whole series. Midnite Moving Co., which I wrote as an entertainment for Jeff, is consistently the funniest thing I ever wrote (I laughed very hard the last time I re-read it in a couple of spots, since I keep forgetting there are certain lines I wrote which are gen-u-wine highsterical) and now I want all the books to be like that. Oh well. I started out wanting to be taken seriously and now all I want to do is make people laugh, since that seems to be harder to manage and somehow, in this environment of doom and gloom, quite laudable.

Contemplating the 75k words I’ve written on Destiel fic since the beginning of January with something like horror. I have to finish it. It’s never aliens, except this time it’s aliens, and I’m planning on MOVING THE MAGNETIC NORTH POLE as part of the thrilling climax.


With side trips for a little light porn.
Watch me juggle, I am the two of pentacles.

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