weird shift

long about 2 am the heating quit. I piled on all my outer clothes and shivered for about three hours – the thermometer said it was 18 but I know what 18 degrees C feels like and this was close to 14. Then there was a godawful series of clanks through the far wall and it magically started working again.


Finished what’s been published so far of the Expanse series. It’s not fantastically well edited (I found a couple of howlarious typos) but DAYYAM what a freakin excellent story. My top ten reasons for loving the books / show:

1. Normalizing poly relationships. (Major Character comes from poly family.)
2. Really gritty examination of have vs have-not politics. (Belters vs. Inners)
3. Chrisjen – best politician I have ever seen in fiction. AND HER COSTUMES OM NOM NOM.
4. The humour. There are a couple of characters, Amos in especial, who can say things that completely crack me up. Repeatedly.
5. One of the best descriptions of what long term love looks like I’ve run across in fiction. (for more than one relationship, across more than one kind of relationship).
6. Awesome frikkin villains – and believable ones too. Some get theirs, others, oh well.
7. Shippiles of redemption and sacrifice. Redemption and sacrifice are immensely important to both plot and character development and don’t come from nowhere. You know what people’s moral compasses look like.
8. I love the Roci, I really really do. (The Rocinante, formerly the Tachi – it’s a ship that will take its place next to the Millennium Falcon and Serenity when Heaven’s navy is assembled.)
9. Representation doesn’t just matter, it makes up a large part of what the series is about.
10 Asskickings and orbital mechanics served up right. Almost too much detail, but the fight scenes are memorable…. that one scene in the corridor/elevator of the Behemoth is just amazing.


Oh, and the casting is perfect. COLPITO.

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