My Thursday is my Friday

Short but bracing chat with Katie yesterday morning. She’s very much being practical about the breakup, and has explained why she’s not planning on coming to live with either her father or me, although personally I think she’s a fool not to. She is apparently giving notice on the apartment and since her s/o is not on the lease that will likely end their three year experiment in cohabitation with the father of her child. We shall see.
I am rather glum; I was hoping she’d be able to tame him, but he’s too self-destructive, and while he loves Alex as a reflection of himself, he certainly doesn’t love him for his own sake, and is continually bitching Katie out for ‘raising a wimp’ which considering what her father, brother and uncles are like (caregiving in many ways without being the slightest bit wimpy) is just plain absurdity garnish for the shit sandwich he’s making of his domestic life these days.
Tonight has been insanely busy, but not with discharges, just every other kind of hell. I’m working on a migraine again; the barometer has been hopping about like it’s got St. Vitus’ Dance. I’m having a bracing cuppa to cope. Posted some more smut, since I finally got all the caveats and quid pro quos in there. I literally just posted it and it has 13 hits already, heya.

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