Music to my ears

You know how in real life you wait and wait to hear something from somebody and when you finally do it’s so astonishing and amazing.

I do.

It’s my own little Supernatural moment.

“You’ve had my back longer than anyone who’s currently in my life.”

YES, BECAUSE YOU ARE AWESOME. Best of all, I have no interest in owning you or telling you what to do, although I did get a little testy talking about resumes last night. If the end of your employment appears that near, it should be ready….

Which reminds me. Who knows how long I’ll be employed? I should update my own and quit yipping at others.

83K on the fanfic and no signs of slowing down.

Yes mOm I am working on the draft for Sweep off those Waves. It is going well, I’m up to page 26.

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