one Alþingi and another

Bought an immense tome recounting a substantial portion of the Icelandic Sagas newly translated into English. Much enjoyment will be had, especially with respect to using it as background for an upcoming Upsun novel: Doofus in Iceland. Also, I am going to spend a week in Iceland. I don’t know how I’ll afford it or when I’ll go, but I intend to do it.

I’m still blown away that the Icelanders had civil society without an executive branch; that’s what a big deal their laws were.

In less than an hour Tammy will turn up and take me away from the Tower of Books to some other locale. I was thinking of meeting her Toronto mother as she’s no spring chicken and I can’t recollect meeting her previously.

Laundry achievement unlocked. It was all trivially easy once we actually got to the laundry room (which is enormous, clean and awesome) and Dave located the card that lets you use the machines. I will now have clean clothes for the return flight.

The cats are almost accustomed to me. I played Buster’s fave video for Pippin but he freaked out and bailed after about 45 seconds.

Here, have some writing about white supremacy.