600 words today

I can feel that there will be more later. I am happy about my level of productivity, it is increasing, with little gaps, but no problems. I am pantsing it. I have no idea what is going to happen next, or even what the major conflicts are going to be. I am perfectly fine with this. I have invented lovely, competent, kind characters, with lots and lots of character flaws, and they will get into plenty of trouble without any help from me, merely navigating an ordinary day.

Someone on facebook said that with autonomous cars soon there will be country songs including that your truck left you along with your girlfriend and dog. To which someone added My truck left me and ran me over, and then I said:

My truck left me, run me down, cleaned out my bank account, trashed me virally and indelibly on social media, and then texted me about maybe having a threesome with Thomas the Tank engine on pay per view.

total word count for the day 949. Quite pleased.