5600 words of fanfic

about 100 words on HOTM. It’s okay, I’m thinking about Lara and her mom in the background.

IT WAS AN ALEX DAY YESTERDAY. Katie’s moved in, temporarily, with her papa. Paul barbecued halal chicken and it was so clucking good it would BLOW YOUR MIND. Watching Keith play with Alex filled my heart up. Walked back home with Paul, laughing and talking as one does when one has had a family evening. Hour and a half on the phone with a friend as well… it’s always lovely when you don’t run out of things to talk about, but sleep impinged…

I was terrified (bowels loosening scared) by a noise around the house this morning and it was just a flicker banging on the roof right above my window.

Took out the trash, with Jeff being gone and all, it won’t take itself out. There’s a joke in there somewhere, maybe.

One of my favourite actors just put up a website for the first time and the bio section is so cute, so incredibly cute. He fell in love with his wife when he was sixteen, and he’s in his forties now, so when he says “I wish I’d fallen in love with her earlier” it just makes you think about things like … well I think about my fOlks, who’ve said similar things. Happily married people make me happy, cause there’s just so damned little of it.