It was an Alex day yesterday too

My most important interaction with him was getting him back onto the sofa when he partially fell off it in his sleep (feet down, like a sensible chap). Packed 7 boxes for Sue, which sounds trivial, but they were knickknacks, so kinda not.

Paul was apparently a true champ yesterday. I got to help with the last move so I dodge this one, works for me, this is viz Katie’s move. Frequent moves are horrible.

I did shit and wrote words yesterday but mostly what I did was wander around in the sun, bedazzled. Thirty years from now that’s the glint I want, the sun that finally penetrated my flesh and got into my bones after this stupid winter, which only just felt like it stopped. That is the remembrance. That and thinking I’d lost my sunglasses when they were on my head, and oh my.