what – another Alex day

I got Alex by myself for three whole house the day before yesterday and it was amazingly…. tiring.

I’m continuing to work on the Alex Jumping song. The expression on his face when I start to sing it is worth a bucket of gold.

He finally got to play Xenon for as long as he wanted to, which was at least half an hour. He used to be scared of it but now he loves it. I took video of him playing but the file’s so big I haven’t been able to email it anywhere, I’m probably going to have to stick it on Google drive or something.

I also took him out to the park and pushed him almost as much as he wanted in the swings and got an idea for a poem while I was pushing him.

Jeff and I are going to be working on final cuts and then posting Upsun. I’d be more excited if my eyelids weren’t stuck shut.

Stellar meal at Mike’s last night, cod with smashed potatoes and onions and bok choi. NOMz.

Not much writing… I’m sort of in a strange mood.