Lovely not long enough but I was falling asleep conversation with D last night. Three lines are a good days’ work for him so you can imagine that I have to use a different granularity for comparing output, not that writers ever do that.

Left messages for various other people; Tam-tam is gonna call later. Got in touch with Katie, who showed up bearing two pairs OF EXCEEDINGLY COMFORTABLE PANTS (I don’t know if they’re a dead woman’s pants so DON’T ASK ME) and Alex. Alex is so so so so  so    so        so

very cute.

Today is a day that I shall cherish in memory, for today is the day that Alex learned how to use both flippers on the Bally Star Trek TOS pinball.

I have started asking for comments on Ao3, and I have gotten them. I write sparkly dialogue, who the hell knew?  Jeff is thinking “I can’t even understand her half the time and the other half of the time she grunts and waves her arms to communicate so this sparkly dialogue bit is …. nope.”