side rant

The person referred to as LTGW on this blog and I are no longer on speaking terms. It all happened by text. People who love me are aware of the circumstances and I’m doing okay, but this has sort of been brewing for the last three weeks. I dislike tossing a decade-long friend aside, but there was a really stark mismatch between our needs and interests, plus he stopped wanting to see me IRL, which is what allows you to stay entrained as friends. I’d been keeping track of our interactions for the last six months and becoming increasingly sad and disaffected.

At least we didn’t ghost each other, I fucking hate that.

When I say ‘I’m doing okay’ I mean to say that I’m really pissy and disappointed and butthurt. But… this too shall pass, and along with it (I piously hope) any idea that I could ever change a goddamned thing about my friends. A friend is kind of a whole person package deal. She is what she is, he are what he are, they be what they be.

A most discreditable rant

…is not going here. I just learned that I did not get paid for the last days of my work at (the Company I Ain’t Naming until it’s in my interest). I could go for a fucking hour about how they were ignorant douchebags with delusions of competence, but meh. I emailed the chief wackdoodle and imagine I’ll get a reply in a couple of days. Nothing’s stopping me from going back to the office with a skunk under my arm, but no, not yet.

It’s only a thousand dollars, after all.

Fortunately, the writing is going. I may not include this interview in the final novel, but I’m going to have fun doing it, mostly because Jesse is a very fun playground character.