all I can think about

Is being through the course of antibiotics and antacids. My mouth tastes like chokingly bitter metallic assbarf almost half the day now; I spat out water at the Aerie yesterday because it tasted terrible. 

I’ve had two sips of other people’s beers in restaurants over the last couple of weeks. Mouth says yuck, which is useful, or maybe aforesaid metallic assbarf.

Tattooed Archivist on Twitter has given me my first on line review. In response to “who is underrated?” from Goodreads.

“Midnite Moving Company by Allegra Sloman
Glorious language. Sentences you’ll want to read over & over.” 

I jumped up and down like an idjit and practically screamed. Mike was amused by my gratified reaction.

She also pronounced herself in love with George’s hair, so I gave her a sneak preview that there will be a ‘coming out party’ for George’s hair.

Me, my love is saved for Michel.

For some reason this made me want to edit Hair Sinister, who knew, so I’m armpit deep in that as soon as I hit save on this

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