lots of pills so many pills goddam yards of pills

we celebrated John’s birthday (missing Keith and Jeff alas) at the Wet Spot at 6th and 6th. I had the large portion of the ribs plus yam fries and because I am a superior sort of sister brought home leftovers. Alex had demonic possession amounts of energy and his poor mama barely had the opportunity to taste her food. Le sigh.

I have to take 8 horsepills a day for the next two weeks and fuck me but they were expensive.

A Métis woman on twitter has had four white women (over the last few days at a conference), one of them a cabinet minister, tell her that her baby is cute enough to steal.

I could rant at great length about how ignorant this is. She’s had people threaten her with child removal.

Almost all FNMI (First Nations Métis Inuit) women have.

The white women who said this to her all know about the 60s scoop (20000 stolen children, .01 percent of the TOTAL CANADIAN POPULATION at the end of the 60s), and the residential schools (who stole 150000 children and killed 6000 of them, most of whom never got grave markers).

Next time you think you aren’t racist, remember that half in jest is whole in earnest.

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