I’m worried about friends in that useless time of day when you can’t call them to check up on them. By the time the sun’s up I’ll have forgotten to call them again.

I’m seeing Marian Call today in concert. I saw her at the second Conflikt and she’s only gotten better since then.


Today’s excerpt from WIP


Phokas was tricky in some ways. He refused to do scripted advertising, and each time someone tried to get him to give a technical review of any product hoping for a quote, he’d start with an encyclopedic description of what was wrong with it, starting with screw placements, then working his way up through components, cabinetry, UI, placement of buttons, finish, appearance, packaging, accompanying documents, and ending with a grudging, “It works okay, I guess.” But if he liked a product he’d use it so that the product name was easily seen, and the advertisers loved that to bits.


I was JUST ABOUT to go on Patreon and now the fucking bean counters have destroyed the platform for small contributors.

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