No writing progress yesterday

However…. Katie came over yesterday and for a tank of gas helped me unclutter the LR and kitchen. Results are amazing – no more cat puke on the parquet, for starters, and there’s enough room in there now to do yoga, how bizarre, and I don’t believe the kitchen floor’s been that clean since we moved in.

Today I’m going to get my eyes tested and new lenses made since Keith is all a-twitchy over my scratched up lenses. Hope there’s some lunch in there too.

I’m really really happy with my kids right now.

Communicated with Mike. I feel for him; he’s not enjoying his December, let’s put it like that.

Did not get the really amazing job. More comment would be unwise.

The Canadian style racist won over the American style racist in the Georgia senate race. Seein’ as how it was a massive get out the black and progressive vote effort that tipped the scales, and that without black voters a win for Jones would be impossible, it would be really pleasant if the Democrats started centering BIPOCs in their strategies instead of hectoring them for not voting or not voting progressive.  The crap I’ve seen on twitter makes me want to take a leisurely three beer piss on the racist asshats in the Democratic party. We know the Repulsigans are awful already…

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