spent 500 on eyecare yesterday

If I talk about how I was treated during the eye exam yesterday it’ll look bad, so let me just very lightly touch on how FUCKING HORRIBLE IT WAS and how if it wasn’t for the fact Paul and I got a tour of Keith’s workplace I’d be giving names and details and spitting pure fucking fire. I’ll be going back to Hakim in future, thanks.

but no. For my son, I hold my cakehole shut. And, there’s the small not not insignificant fact that if I hadn’t paid for the eye exam I wouldn’t have anything like the right prescription. In a year it’s shifted a quarter diopter on one side and half a diopter on the other so WHY WAS I SQUINTING oh…y es…

I’ll get my new glasses in January; I asked for all kinds of specialty coatings so fourteen days turns into next year. Have to drive out to fucking Langley to get it too… but it’s obvious now why Keith bought a car.

Then Paul and I hung out for a while and talked family business. He’s apparently going to go to Seattle for a couple of days midweek and then come back for Shad’s musical event on Saturday.

Experimentally drank a beer last night. Burst into a sweat, instantly sleepy, gas pain this morning. Took another probiotic. Nope, no beer for me.

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