Beta reader solicited

I’m re-reading the bizarre little novel I wrote (Sweetie’s House of Tentacles, a misleading title if ever there was one) when I decided to fanfic my own universe with some slash and now I’m having issues, because I am only now noticing that I very stupidly advanced the series arc therein.

Now I have to either rewrite half a dozen chapters so I can jam them in the novel I’m working on, or tapdance creatively in some other way. “Previously in the Upsun series, in a short porny novel that I’m charging thirty bucks for to prevent people from reading it because it’s essentially slash with a *ludicrous* premise,

yes, even more so than usual!

and published without the assistance of an editor — ” and then fill in the blanks.

Beta readers solicited. I’m in negotiations with someone in the Low Countries, an early fan.


Anyway, I’m re-reading plus editing, and shown below is the dialogue that cracked me up this morning. The book’s a soap opera, but really entertaining; I wrote it immediately prior to starting MMCo.

“Right,” said Marty. “How do you feel about marriage?”

“It’s a complete waste of time and a criminal enterprise with better press than the Pope,” Jesse said, promptly and cheerfully.

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