Good news and good humour only

Eleven Saudi princes have been jailed for refusing to pay their electric bills. I wish I could stick a microphone in the face of a Saudi woman in the street for her opinion on this matter.

I have actually started reading Fire and Fury and it’s like THE FANFIC BOOK OF POLITICAL FUCKERY. It’s just well written enough to be tolerable, and every page has a line or a quote that will echo through global politics as conducted in English for the next twenty years, at minimum.

Daycard is Temperance BWA HA HA That just means I have to balance my work and work on ALL THE PROJECTS today.

Spoke to Katie yesterday, she’s thrilled by her new job and apart from the DNA Donor her life is going mahvellously. Hope to see one or both of the kids today, as well as making a phone call or two to loved ones far away.

I just want everybody to know that since I stopped taking pills for Helicobacter I’ve had a normal bowel movement every day but one. I’ve had constant low grade diarrhea since I was in public school. I keep pulling out the Bristol Stool Chart and thinking OMG I’M A SOLID 4  (literally…) and holy shit, is the state of my digestion the only thing I’ll care about for the rest of my life?

No, because I no longer have to worry about it.  My farts don’t hardly smell at all any more, it’s like I’ve lost part of my personality. Even picturing Jeff’s face as he reads this is enough to make me laugh quite immoderately… the top bunk is vibrating, I’m laughing so hard.

Word count 26401, working on George and Raven right now.

Self-care requirement of the day: I SIMPLY MUST SHOWER my hair is acting like there’s gel in it, but there isn’t.

TTTO: The Colonel Bogie March

Scrotum – it is a piece of skin

Scrotum – it holds your testes in

Scrotum – don’t overload ’em

Or you’ll explode’em

and then you’ll have


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