Shoutout to Paul for the walk and the shared meal and the brief and lovely chat with Keith (who surprisingly came home for lunch at Planet Bachelor since he was at his gig around the corner) and the errands. You continue to be my prop and stay and I really appreciate you!

Also Keith for voluntarily calling his grandmother. It’s nice to know I raised a polite young man even if he isn’t always necessarily polite to me, and it remains possible I deserved it.

Big shoutout to Jeff, with an apology for buying those damned treats. I’ll be suffering too…. THEYARESOGOOD

but I do not care.

Shoutout to Sue, who very kindly stayed in touch with me briefly before and after her scheduled hospital maintenance trip which meant I didn’t have to worry about her.

Mike, as always, this is just me putting my hand on my heart.

BIG BIG shoutout to Katie, letting me know she hulksmashed her way through her first week at work – apparently impressing the hell out of her boss.

Fractal shoutout to Liz, who is proving quite amusing on twitter and how fun it is to reconnect with her.


I WANT TO KILL EVERY MISDIAGNOSING FUNGAL SPORE PACKET OF A DOCTOR. Complaining for a friend, Doc W is fine, thanks.

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