the sun came out and my room’s all lit up

It’s quite cheering. We finally dug into that tourtière and while I love it, the Pie Hole will never again tempt us to buy a $38 pie.

Yes, you read that right.

Now the ingredients are choice and all that, but brOJeff was not a fan of the crust or contents, there being something in it that mayhap disagreed with him.

I really liked it, as I think I mentioned, so I get to finish it I imagine.

30854 is the new word count. Plumping up and pruning, plumping up and pruning. Fixing bad verbs and placemarker sentences. Reading it aloud to myself, getting the phrasing right, how would the character say it, how would their upbringing and languages spoken growing up and in university affect their speech. What verbs do the sixers never use, and why is it that they sound so vague all the time? Anyway, not much writing but lots of thinky thoughts.

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