wrote yesterday too

I now know what vinegar strokes are. Do not look it up if you don’t know what they are and definitely do NOT do an image search. Thoroughly researching human sexuality is a challenging activity.

I’m finding it amusing that I have written full on porn for these two characters but will not be directly referencing it in subsequent novels.  So you see the characters before sex and after sex but not during sex.



I post all fucking day every day on twitter but as soon as I made a comment on a movie in a movie thread my notifications blew up.  Perhaps I should actually try to review movies.

Lovely lovely brekky yesterday morning at the 6th Street Grill with Jeff and Katie. Later that day Katie went out and did something she hasn’t done since she hit menarche – she cut off ALL HER HAIR and now she looks like an anime heroine it’s a super cute cut.

I did precisely one load of laundry yesterday. It’s sitting (dry, for a wonder) downstairs.