not much sleep

Yesterday I felt like I had a wasp nest inside my chin. The paresthesias I’m experiencing, now that I know that they represent an annoyance rather than a death threat, are almost entertaining.

My mOm is in the krankenhaus. We expect her to return, Baba Yaga risen, within a few days. It will be her twelfth surgery. I told her it was a mighty comfort to an anaesthesiologist to know she takes gas like a champ and wakes up all present and correct. Further details as events warrant. I would like at this time to thank Barbara, a friend of my mOm’s, who brought her knitting and cookies in hospital. Through my mOm on the phone I conveyed that I love her! Yeah, I’m a sap.

My hours at work are now full days MWF. I don’t have a problem not working straight days; I personally think this is good to work me up for full time, because let me tell you, my colleague on the admin side earns every fricking penny of her salary plus she has to train a slowcoach like me. I’m going to be good and pack a lunch today. I’m going to try to tempt Jeff into this part of town to get doubles for lunch sometime, cause there’s a Trini lunch counter literally steps from work.

It’s a very chi chi part of town. When I’m better acquent I’ll do a neighbourhood review.

Updated the blurb at the beginning of Hair Sinister and sent it off to mOm at about the same time the doc gave her the news; I was sitting here wondering why she hadn’t called or emailed to comment when she called from the hospital.

No Alex so far this week, I’m starting to feel uneasy about that.

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