Managed to get a visit in with Mike but I asked him to drive me home yesterday morning since I felt absolutely disgusting. There’s a chest cold going around but this wasn’t it – More like this.

Mike has learned the guitar part for Ancient Stones from Skyrim. <—- you have no idea how impressive this is. He’s working from this.  I’ve got the music and tabs and will try to do something on the mando to go with.

Had three bouts of chills and fever at home, slept until 2:30 pm, watched some tv with Jeff, crashed out again.

I’m feeling better this morning, thank goodness. I have to wonder what the hell would have happened to me if I *hadn’t* got the shingles shot – I’d probably be screaming in pain and contagious as hell, as if I hadn’t already been the world’s worst roomie for the last month.

I was watching tv with Jeff last night and thought about my grandma, and how she spent years and years telling her doctor how much her eyes hurt and then I realized if she had a recurring non lesion shingles attack going on in her eyes it would make a certain amount of sense. The pain would be incredible, and there’d be no external evidence and no cure. And it would be worse when she was stressed, which would make her look crazy.

Aw grandma, you were always anxious af but you were never full on crazy.

Anyway mOm’s doing great; with all the weirdness she wasn’t going to get her preferred surgeon and there was a cancellation and poof she got the right guy. HORSESHOES in an UNTIDY LOCATION. Recovery will start when she gets home within the next 72.

Brekky with Jeff and Keith in a coupla hours.

My favourite fanfic rec site died sometime during the night. Someone’s not paying their host I guess.

I’ve been working away on edits for Hair Sinister, and honestly it’s a way better book, and more entertaining, than I thought it was. So there’s that.

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