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Jeff continues to be awesome, which is what you say about someone when you’re not precisely sure how much money you owe them, although you know you’ll square up shortly…

Keith is wonderful.

Don’t know about Alex and Katie. In the run up to my grandson’s 4th bday all I can say is THANK THE EVERLIVING AND EVERLOVING SPIRIT OF DAVID BOWIE that I raised my family to NOT GIVE A SHIT about birthdays; making it VERY AND EXTREMELY CLEAR that contentment throughout the year means more than performative, competitive, expensive and ultimately vainglorious birthday parenting, so not only do I NOT HAVE TO PURCHASE ONE GODDAMNED THING for my grandson – true in the normal course of events – but I don’t have to feel *guilty* about it. SUP WELL ON THIS WISDOM AND MAY THE MEAL GIVE YOU STRENGTH WHEN YOU NEED IT.

mOm’s home

yay yay yay etc hoorah

She’s well enough to be coherently telling family stories; I include the coherently for pOp’s benefit.

I popped into Ted’s office – same building as me can you believe it? he was Keith’s first boss when he gradded and talked to the receptionist D. and honestly, it was nice to see how well Keith was remembered.

Popped into Pinball Alley. I may unload some stuff there, but the reason I went in was to source a cute piece of neon. Found half a dozen things in there that were at the fOlks’ place before the trek west. Sigh. Nostalgia weighs a ton, seriously.


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