Up at 2 down at 5

The weather has been crazy, but thanks to my beauteous Peggy I got rides to Lunch Bunch (Laura’s apartment IS A CHRISTMAS WONDERLAND minus the NON STOP MUSIC) and it was STUFFED WITH FOOD including the almond scones I brought which people did et and some people ha ha I saw you Michael had seconds.

Interesting conversations as always but we had to leave for osteofit class and who was there but SUE Sue was there and that was good.

Then we came home and I was supposed to go food shopping with Paul for tomorrow but the weather IS INSANE so we all stayed in and watched a movie called Still Life instead. I’ma get up early on a turkey hunt tomorrow and if my turkey hunt goes badly I’ll get a roast beest instead.

I’m laying off the dicking around on my laptop, my right forearm is super sore and it’s from jamming my arm up while computering.

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