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A clean slate
2005-01-01— Posted by: allegra

….. you will see a cluster of stuff that Jarmo says means money. He interpreted it to mean that if I could catch the wave, sort of ‘get my groove on’ I would have a happy year, and he says there’s money in there. I always discount that part. It was way important to me to get some sign I’m staying here and interesting that unlike last year, this year it’s all about me.

Pic is me, this morning. The disturbing lack of focus is to limn my extreme disappointment that my errant son is returning today and chose to give me the gladsome news that he will be sitting in his underwear watching anime no more… (at 10:30 in the morning when I got in at 3:29. I’m not actually sad to see him back and of course Jeff must be doing cartwheels to have him out of the house… I jest, they seem to get along really well. Jeff is in many respects the perfect uncle. ) The halo effect is because it’s a self portrait and you’re seeing the shadows of my arms.

Watched Festival Express with the folks last night but never made it out to the hot tub. Got to see what Mike gave Tori for Christmas, oo la la as they say. Tori is alas in NFLD, but phoned right at midnight to say hi, so Mike’s first question is What are You doing up?

Hope everybody had a safe and happy New Years. Katie of course is invisible, but I baited the trap at 8:30 last night to tell her more Buffy was coming. I anticipate her arrival around 3 pm this afternoon.

Paul’s at work.

John is off to the Island so I’m on Pokester patrol. I really should go downstairs and fondle him. He’s not a bad cat, just enormous, noisy, destructive and really really cute.

A clean slate
2005-01-01— Posted by: allegra

The Finns practice a form of divination on New Years Eve which is very interesting. The last one I did (at Big Purple, when Mike was still living there) I interpreted to show the four of us, being Paul and the kids, standing all together in the prow of a boat, which obviously I took to be a hopeful sign that we would all be together during the year. This year, well, now I have a digital camera, so you can get a glimpse of the beauty, complexity and oddness of this stannomancy.

I’ll do the divination part later, take a look.

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