smoked salmon

The last filk of this Con is a ‘Smoked Salmon’.

Kathy Mar sang a memorial song for John and I lost it, Cried and cried, and I’m crying now. What a sweet lady, and what a kindly thing to do.

Vixy and Tony performed her Siren song, which is a comic song which uses, to great and convulsing effect, a horde of Siren rhymes.

There were recitations; funny stories, one of which involves, and I’m not kidding, spying on Canada, a capella renditions; duos, group sings and much laughter. I had heard Lauren wanted SG filks and the con chair did Brooke’s Planet with a Forest which is hilarious four ways – know the singer, know the song, know the fandom and LIVE IN VANCOUVER where the sucker was filkmed (omga what a typo).

BUT EVERYTHING WAS GREAT and CD started everybody off with his tasteful support and his unbelievably smooth and compelling electric guitar stylings.

SO MUCH TALENT IN THAT ROOM, like a new drug yall.

My happiness is great, I’m not too exhausted, and my mind is so full I’ll probably be sleeping 10 hours a day for the next three days just to let my brain cool off.

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