Roads not bad

For an Ontario driver like Jeff it’s trivial.

I can’t even talk about what’s got me upset right now anywhere on the internet AND I’M SO PISSED OFF fuck you capitalism. You’ll hear about it direct, mOm, and you can say there there and thank Christ you’re too intelligent to involve yourself in social media, visits, telephones and email being plennnnty sociable enough for you.

Today’s plan; binge watch Russian Doll mixed in with rehearsing and trying to finish this stupid fic, which is Pavlova’ing all over the stage as a dying swan.

Yesterday’s plan, a couple of hours with Alex; we sang, he jumped on the bed, played pinball, helped me make chocolate cake, and then eat it (he’s never been asked to help bake HA HA HA HA HA HA EVIL g’ma laugh, so he LOVED THE SIFTER and stirring and bagged at me for not letting him crack the eggs.

I told the story about the landpeer? Or did I? I think I told mOm. Landpeer K. came by and just because he’s mine, cute and biddable, Alex got 20 bucks out of her for CNY.

I LOVE VANCOUVER how could I not.