Another excellent night of sleep, so I’m feeling quite chipper, even though my blanky migrated.

Keith loaned Katie the car money, so she has a new Yaris (no more Echo Echo Echo out front of Planet Bachelor, sadly). Paul, in one of his forays into being a complete duckwit, told Katie he wants to sell the dangerous piece of shit she’s been driving for the last two years (WHYYYYYY??) and so she had to pay for two weeks of not having a plate because Paul wanted the plates on the car to sell it. He’ll get 500 for it tops and made her spend $300 on the plate and it’s just a standard father knows best thing that inconveniences people around him. Fortunately he’d rather be dipped in dogshit and set afire than read my blog, so my uncharacteristic foray into whining about Paul (I so very seldom have reason to) will go unremarked by him.

Spent a bit of time with Katie and Alex the other day; I got to watch him in the toddler pool and the little **** ran off almost immediately and I WASN’T WEARING MY GLASSES FOR ONCE usually I do, so there’s me rotating like a Kentucky Fried Chicken bucket and panicking ever more deeply until he comes down the slide and I nearly peed in relief.

Katie got three goes at the hot tub while I minded Alex. We were playing with splashy things and my god that kid never ceases moving. Keith and Kate were absolutely Nothing Like This.

The new car smells a bit and listening to Alex complain about it you’d think this was the worst thing that ever happened. But it will never have smokes in it, Katie quit in January. I’ve had two smokes since the beginning of January, yes I’m vile.

House filk on the 8th March, except it’s more likely to be a folk gathering.