Epistemology continuing ed

so every once in a while I go poke my head over into whatever is happening in epistemology these days – hey it’s an evolving discipline, like all the talk-talk disciplines. So now some of the philospherical types are slicing it up, like so:

Heron and Reason offer four interrelated ways in which people know:

  • Experiential: knowing directly through experience
  • Presentational: knowing through artful means
  • Propositional: knowing conceptually
  • Practical: knowing through skilful doing

-end quote-

You know me, I love lists and I love applying stuff ‘cross disciplines where it ought not go and I’m thinking about the AIs inside sixers and how they would ‘know’ anything, or be able to confirm it, and how sixers themselves experience consciousness as just that, experiential and the AIs riding them experience it as propositional. The whole ‘arguing from different premises’ *while they occupy they same physical shell* concept amuses me greatly.

So I don’t know who Heron and Reason are but they’ve got the list in the wrong order. The list should be in alphabetical order. Not only is it easier to remember that way, you’re climbing up past the amygdala into the frontal lobe as the list goes by. But what do I know, I’m just a stupid general purpose utility writer.