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I thought Julian Assange was cool. Then he was accused of rape and hid in the Ecuadorean Embassy. He didn’t understand how lucky he was, pissed off his host country, and this morning I watched his arrest video. I’m not a fan of the carceral state and this situation is complex and bad, but I enjoyed that.

I don’t think he’s mentally well.  This makes me an even more terrible person than mornal, thinking this and watching the video. But I’m the kind of person who’s cool with watching Saddam’s hanging video too so you know I’m just an all around jackass.

Has anybody noticed that the incredibly competent and productive computer scientist who made the black hole photo possible looks like a high school grad? THE KIDS ARE ALL RIGHT and thank you Dr. Katie Bouman and the entire team who made that photo possible for all humankind.

Dear police forces across Canada, quit trying to horn in on Pride Day, it’s not your party.

We’re almost out of Vera and it’s making me sad in a tiny and totally manageable way.

Had a lot of fun yesterday playing with fx pedals for guitar but I literally missed my first bus by 20 seconds, almost got on the wrong train, went to the wrong place in Metrotown for the bus and got off the bus at the wrong stop – I was almost an hour late. Absolutely horrific getting there…..

Today, dentist appointment and Osteofit. Not going to Lunch Bunch because the minister’s going to be there. I go to lunch bunch for a free form conversation with the elders of the church, not for programmatic discussions headed up by the minister. This will stop at month’s end so I’ll go back then probably.

Peggy and Tom are hosting the next music night May 3. She says she’s gonna cook ‘hefty food’ in honour of John and that makes me so happy.


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