excited as hell

I wasn’t exactly stuck on the Michel and Sissy chapter, but I wasn’t wrong to lay the sitch on Mike and ask for his advice. What he came up with raised the stakes – right into a sci fi global caper plot, which I am now trying to figure out how I’d even structure. For the time being I’ll be okay with handwaving, but I need to talk to some IT professionals about the mechanics or it will as they say a real short trip.

Yesterday Mike drove me out to the south beach at Alouette Lake where Trent and Diane and a bunch of their friends and kung fu buddies had set up a campsite IN THE SHADE of the IMMENSE pines, cedars and firs. Since we had already made the 45 minute drive in a convertible with the top down – it was a day of unparalled glory.

Met a few more people, Mike set up the guitar and amp and I yes I accompanied his playing of the Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald because that’s how we go.

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