Great day

Started with brekky with Katie, then Fast Color with Jeff (recommended movie), then a shopping expotition with Keith, then another thousand words on the fanfic, then supper at Patsara with Mike.
Sanguinity achieved.

oh…. forgot to mention. Alex is a fan of Five Nights with Freddy, which is a supremely age-inappropriate game he ran across on the internet. When chided for his taste he announced, “I just love the characters,” which is so like his uncle at that age you wouldna believe. He was put on the phone by his mother and immediately lyrically thanked me. I managed to give him a tshirt of his fave character (I had no idea). He wore it as a nightshirt because see above about NOT AGE APPROPRIATE and he would not take the damned thing off when he got up so go me I guess. Hands the phone back to his momma and she said, “I did not prompt that. I did not. I must be doing something right,” so that’s when I told her the story of how Keith, within six months of being the same age, had lyrically thanked his Auntie Ruth for the lovely meal she’d cooked for us. I guess it’s a family thing. Such a loving boy. He is so, so sweet.

In what will come as no surprise to my brother I have recognized that IMDB is a fucking hell hole. goodbye

Heart back in me

My blood pressure is completely godawful. Paul’s, no surprise, is perfect. I shall get the medical help I need but I’m pouting.

Mike called; he’ll be heading back soon.

Keith and I are buying clothes for him Saturday afternoon at THE TEMPLE OF MAMMON aka Metrotown.

Wonderful wonderful phone call with Tammy this morning. She had a bit of bad news but sounded much cheered when I got off the phone, which is after all the whole point to having friends, someone to share the ups and downs with.

2100 words into a fanfic I started three days ago.

I have found a fantastic tool for the removal of facial hair.

Fraser Foreshore

Paul took me to this park. Normally we park at the bottom of Byrne and turn left, but this time we turned right (the path runs all the way past Kerr) and walked. We saw a Great Blue Heron land super close and talked for about half an hour with this lovely middle aged white guy who talked about what all that land looked like 50 years ago.

I SAW MY FIRST MUSKRAT since I moved to the lower mainland. He said, when I said I’d never seen one, “One lives in this pond.” And I know this will sound like bullshit, but Paul was there; the man waved his arm, and the muskrat APPEARED. wild.

After, LA Sushi and a quick trip to replace my raincoat (better and cheaper than the last one, strangely.) Also picked up N95 filters, since it’s only a matter of time before something catches fire again.

Bad Poetry

Bad Poetry

After foreplay made of doggerel
Rhymes of death
There was a progression to free verse
And for two whole lines
Probably stolen, unawares
From someone else
The poet reached the empyrean
Domain of mediocrity
Before nodding off into a bowl of blancmange
And suffocating

I’m eating the blancmange.
One must grasp what one can
From a troubled world.

as of yesterday I’ve made 6666 posts (under wordpress)

Yesterday’s word count is 930 words – Concento is the name of the chapter, which means Harmony. Feeling very lazy today BECAUSE REVENUE CANADA pooped, yeah, even unto thousands of dollars it hath poopèd. In consequence I have YEAH booked a dinner at the steakhouse for me and Jeff, and we are going to NOMMMMM

Katie is much better. She took me to breakfast. She is taking this as a wakeup call that she needs to enjoy the good health she normally enjoys a little more.

Paul’s car went home

Katie is quite ill, but not dying. Those who know her should contact her directly for more details, I’m not putting it on my blog.

Make sure you drink enough fluids, people.

current chapter now 9250 words. I need to wrap this up and get to the next big weirdness.

My first tax refund is in my account already. Happy sigh. I’m hoping to take Jeff out to Timmy Ho’s if he can pry himself away from work – he’s very work oriented this morning.

stole Paul’s car

Well I do have keys and he’s in transit from Australia right now. I am not inclined to forgive him FOR LEAVING FOR AUSTRALIA FOR TWO WEEKS WITHOUT TELLING ME I mean what the fuck dude, but I stole his car, so I have had my revenge.

Took Alex to daycare yesterday – his momma was embracing the porcelain rather too frequently to drive – and I tried to sneak out without saying goodbye and he was NOT
So I ran back and gave him a mini kiss with my fingers and the excuse “I wanted to see if you’d notice”


Saw video of a red winged blackbird pecking at a great blue heron’s ass and it was good.

Three kinds of writers

Plotters = 3 x 5s save lives! Every scene, every major interaction, is depicted before the first word is written and it will all connect to an elaborate colour schema and vexillology plus excuse me but you can’t pants a thriller or a detective novel so fuck off haters. Pro: isn’t it obvious? Con: Prone to internet ratholes about Roman weaponry.
Pantsers= There are only so many stories and my characters will tell me which one we’re in, if we’re only sticking to one that is, and that seems unlikely. Pro: those fuckers write some extremely wild, poetic shit, once you free them from plot or character detail consistency. Con: A lot of the rest of it is unreadable, because you catch continuity errors more than you catch the wild weird shit.
Plantsers=I will do extremely detailed backgrounds on all characters so I don’t do any newbie shit like green eyes grey eyes, I have my plot points and my last line, time to let the characters do the work:
Pro: Works pretty much all the time if consistently applied
Con: Your characters will back you into corners and mug you.

not too many waordz

I wrote about 370 words yesterday but it wasn’t on the main project, or even a side project, I just had to write Slider and Jesse putting their friendship back together on different terms, none of it will end up in the final novel.
Brekky with Katie this morning. Keith may come if he’s conscious but I doubt it.

Lovely brekky with the kids. Alex is with his pop.

the thing is

With fanfic (and your own fiction, but for that one must make worlds) you get the fun without the plot.
The plot – the metaplot that holds it all together – is the dyad. If all you care about is the dyad, you can strip away all the standard elements of plot and just have people living.
Doing what people do when there’s no plot happening.

“David, Wizardry won’t boot!”

Allegra’s food foibles part 1

Allegra’s food foibles, all of which will just seem like entitled craziness 20 years from now.
(background noise of Good Omens, which is a love letter to foodies everywhere)
Commencé 6 juillet 2019

Hot drinks should be just shy of damaging. Cold drinks should be as cold as possible. Water should be drunk at whatever temp it comes out of the tap.

The mouth-feel of butterfat is one of my favourite things.

A juicy beef steak also.

I love chicken eggs. I found duck eggs too rubbery to enjoy, when I tried them.

Cheese is my accommodating and tasty friend.

Chicken feet in Chinese restaurants make me anxious. There’s more than one mode of the anxiety. One, they’re scary reminders that we’re all made out of meat. Two, they are scary looking. Three, I tried to eat one once and telling myself that it was a preserved dinosaur foot didn’t help. I could not find anything to consume on it. Four, being made anxious by them makes me look racist, which makes me anxious. Five, being more concerned with how I look than not actually doing and saying racist things also, no surprise, makes me anxious.

Getting a boss to pay for alcohol is always on my bingo card.

When will climate change make it possible to grow cacao in Canada.

I enjoy virtually any format of peas.

Carrots eaten straight out of the garden are your absolute best source of h. pylori, wash your veggies, you clod.

Raw cookie dough keeps you strong.

I like Shirley Temples, and I especially like how different they are from place to place.

I usually order salads in restaurants without dressing and either eat as is or put a tiny bit of salt and pepper on them.

I love brown rice and gravy. I could probably live on it.