updated destiel song

I’m really enjoying that. (it’s back under blooooooberries) Sang it for Paul, who snickered. I’m also developing a little dance to go along with it, which is completing my ridiculousness.

Brekky at IHOP with Jeff.

The landpeer cut down the dead tree in the back yard so no more clothesline and no more flickers getting brekky across from my bedroom window. Jeff is going to address the ‘remounting the other end of the clothesline’ in the fullness of time.

I am upset about the damned tree. Nothing to be done. They left at least part of the felled stump in the yard where it will still be food.

The next little while will be a whirlwind (a slow one, maybe a willywilly) of activities; supper tomorrow for Mike’s birthday (he asked me to dress up, which is making me unusually excited; I MAY GET AN UPDO.) Then another birthday dinner with the gang at the Thai restaurant on Saturday, and Jeff and I will be hosting the afterpartay. YAY I HAVE A REASON TO CLEAN MY HOUSE.

Just spoke to Tammy and how good to hear her voice.

Much biscotti, which I will be trading for plums from Peggy later.


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