Leedle beet writing, not much but a couple of hundred words.

Yesterday morning was so lovely.

It started with us jumping in the car to go down to Angelina’s for breakfast. They’ve moved into a much nicer space around the corner from where they were at the Quay, and their fruit cup was WORTH 13 bucks. (also get toast and cottage cheese). On the way down the hill, Jeff’s eyes travelled across the Old Spaghetti House sign and he said, in a conversational tone, “I wonder why they’d build a factory to make old spaghetti,” an observation which briefly left me speechless. It was too good to last, however, and after some meshuggas with the parking we arrived, and Paul and the kids arrived shortly thereafter.

We all pretty much cleaned our plates. Then the five of us walked along the Quay toward Annacis Island and it was so absolutely lovely that I felt myself shiver with happiness.

Later Katie came and I bought another set of trainers at Metrotown, also a bra and socks. She bought shoes too. Mine are only for when it’s not raining, though.

Jeff had gone to visit a friend on Bowen Island when I got back so I’ve been practicing and daydreaming and making biscotti and cleaning my room and snoozing with Buster and now I can’t sleep.

When I wake up this morning I’m going to run laundry and in the afternoon I’m going swimmin’ with Alex and his momma.

I’ve started working on a comedy routine again, starting off with all the ways I’m not like your mom.

I just got Finale running. I’m amazed.

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