Little to report

Went to see Keith at Lucent yesterday and started arranging new glasses MY PRESCRIPTION HAS CHANGED 1.5 IN 18 MONTHS. But everything I was worried about with respect to my eyes has turned out to be bogus – I was smart to go get my blood pressure dealt with early. My eye health is, according to Doc Yee, about as good as it possibly could be given my age. I decided not to bother with progressives, since I’ll just get reading glasses with a coating instead.

Keith was ever so professional and helpful. It was (apart from taking for bloody ever) really awesome, especially since I didn’t have to have the Dreaded Eyedrops.

Then Mike called; I gave him his new tiedye shirt (Jeff got TWO) and I walked againĀ yesterday, this time to the Twisted pub, so I really did get exercise yesterday. He walked me home and then walked himself back home.

I have to stop napping during the day, apparently I’m now officially getting enough sleep.