How do you like this

This is a fractal, possibly for the cover for my lamentable, never to be published porn side project from the Upsun universe, known as Sweetie’s House of Tentacles, which I ran off in a bunch of different colour palettes. This one I turned into a BEADING PATTERN and look how it turned out, look at it. Isn’t it stellar?

Fractal pattern converted into a bead pattern



Note to people I block on twitter

It’s possible I have you blocked because something you posted crawled all across my sensory homunculus rubbing salt in the unhealed blisters and cuts, and not because you’re a suppurating organ of discharge pulsing gleets of hatred and falsehood onto twitter.

I straight up loved Parabellum. Long may Keanu reign.

look a hint at good behaviour from twitter

Carys (a blind activist from Wales)
@blindandb0ujee August 24 2019
Them: Excuse me! Would you like a hand crossing? This road is very busy.
Me: That would be great, thank you so much.
Them: How shall we do this? Do you want to take my arm, or shall I take yours?
And that, my friends, is how you offer a visually impaired person assistance.