Feb 2005 is done!

174 252 438 words on HOTM Redux so far today, I imagine I’ll keep going.

Dr. Appointment this morning, switched to the 60 mg Inderal last night. Apart from feeling super tired and a little pukey I don’t feel any different, and I slept like a log for 8 hours so WELL DONE ME. I’ll be leaving by bus around 9.

My blood pressure still sucks though. 133/97 in morning 148/87 in the afternoon.

This is for Sean one of my internet buddies. He claims to be a shitposter so I wrote him a filk.



he’s the man a man with some shit to post

he does it most

such a gitposter

Beckons you to enter his web of shit

It’s big, you’ll fit!

Fecal words he will dump through your screen

So much so that you’ll never feel clean

And his readers know that once he has posted

he has made his point, then ghosted