An afternoon with Alex

He wore his onesie. For me. Because he knew I would like it. And he likes it. And he can’t wear it to school, which apparently irritates him.

Katie’s recoloured her hair. It’s gorgeous.

Anyway, Katie was going to take Alex shopping after we went to Edmonds Pool with him. She looked so exhausted I volunteered to take him while she shopped. We made chocolate muffins (Jeff will get some when he gets home, which I assume will be today) and he HELPED.

Then he spilled chocolate milk all over the downstairs carpet. But that was the only fly in the oinkment, he was otherwise fantastically well behaved.

We watched a couple of volcano videos and the landing sequence from Europa Report. Also, R. Crumb’s Stoned Again. I have no idea how these things happen.

I love him so much, the little monkey man. Also it was very nice to be able to do something Katie needed done.

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