the squeeze

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Sometimes the requirement for brevity is a blessing. Posit a character not given to much talking and to speaking of his emotions, unless he’s irritated, not at all.

Someday the love and affection I feel
Will be held up and mocked
or be rendered unreal
We’ll never get closure
so babe, here’s the deal:
I’ll love you the best that I can

(slow waltz time, like old fashioned country music)


It’s a fanfic song, because pairings in sff are constantly under attack. In the case of the pairing I’m thinking of, since s6:17 at least they’ve been teased about it and rendered unreal means that any shift in the timeline takes them out of each other’s lives, like it never happened.

But also, I’m writing about what’s going on with me right now. I am trying to be a wise elder and accepting of change and loss, but I’m stewing about things and stuff and it’s not making me cheerful and wanting to go to a Climate Strike event today.

Dour as my mood is… I’m writing.

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