alex and me

I got Alex for a couple of hours yesterday…. he’s about the same as always. He enjoyed Xenon for about half an hour and then we watched volcanoes explode and he watched a Baldi video (??!! wtf) and then we recorded sounds and made them echo and then he bonged on the hand pan for a good long while and then his mother and Keith appeared. I literally haven’t seen Keith since the last time I mentioned him on my blog and I wanted to hug him and squeeze him and Katie was in a mood to leave so I hardly got to see him and I went


d e f l a te


sigh. I neeed to walk over there.

do you know what I want a pop culture person to do? I want Billie Eilish in a black and dayglo green prairie dress with a tasteful fractal pattern and black and green combat boots and the extendamix version of holy shit nails because on her it would look like Tuesday


also I think that William Gillis is the modern Voltaire but fuck he’d hate me for saying it so so much