Picture my amusement when I looked into this face


and it turns out he’s a 61 year old Andean Condor inspiringly named Andy. Personally I think he should bear the name “Fuckyou Lookingat” since them big yellow eyes hold no sensitivity. And yet his fashion choices, comblined with the shiny glory of his oddly hunky beak, give him an air of relaxed sophistication much at odds with his glassy stare. I’m trying to tell if I find him attractive? I mean Christ Risen, he’s the same age as me.

Didn’t let Paul into the house today; sat on the deck with the sun SO FINE so excellent, speaking of nothing, letting the ick of this ludicrous situation fall off us as the fluffy clouds developed and imploded.

so warm and glorious

Finally we took a tour, almost everyone wearing masks, avoiding us on the sidewalk, crossing the road….

My name in Ascii font ‘Graffitti’

   _____  .__  .__                              
  /  _  \ |  | |  |   ____   ________________   
 /  /_\  \|  | |  | _/ __ \ / ___\_  __ \__  \  
/    |    \  |_|  |_\  ___// /_/  >  | \// __ \_
\____|__  /____/____/\___  >___  /|__|  (____  /
        \/               \/_____/            \/ 
     __________.__              __    __        
     \______   \__|__  __ _____/  |__/  |_      
      |       _/  \  \/ // __ \   __\   __\     
      |    |   \  |\   /\  ___/|  |  |  |       
      |____|_  /__| \_/  \___  >__|  |__|       
             \/              \/                 
  /   _____/|  |   ____   _____ _____    ____   
  \_____  \ |  |  /  _ \ /     \\__  \  /    \  
  /        \|  |_(  <_> )  Y Y  \/ __ \|   |  \ 
 /_______  /|____/\____/|__|_|  (____  /___|  / 
         \/                   \/     \/     \/
800000 infected as of this morning

I am so fucking terrified

I am having trouble marshalling my thoughts and I’m having a hard time telling my physical from my emotional sensations.

I don’t want to leave the house, but we’re going to go shopping.

I don’t want to make someone else sick. The winnowing fan hasn’t come close yet and I don’t want it to. I want to walk a golden path through this because I deserve it. I want to catch it to burn off my sins. I want to catch it to spare ones that I love, as if the virus knows that kind of math.

The math of dreams and denial; the math of a sick thought burning a furrow through my nerves.

I need sugar, and flour, and toilet paper, and I don’t know what we’re going to find at the store.


8:23 am – we shopped during the old people’s hour, and it was okay, but there is no sugar, no flour and no toilet paper.

from the Nib today…. this

but Kima has no bones


165 million year old fossil octopus from France.


Isn’t this wonderful? I’m not a fan of the show; merely its surfaces and cultural impact, to the extent that I wrote a desperately bad original filk tune about it, which I’m not even going to bother to renounce since I have no idea what someone more savvy than a girl like I might do with it. Anyway, I likes it, and there were distinct choices that went into its makeup that show comfort and skill.

little machines


Herpes virus

HPV16, which causes cancer



Electronmicrograph of "Foot-and-mouth disease virus"

Electron photomicrograph of Foot and Mouth (aphthovirus)

Mimivirus svg.svg


electron micrograph depicting morphologic variants of "Orf virus"


Negatively stained transmission electron micrograph of "Molluscum contagiosum virus" virions

Molluscum contagiosum virus

Cowpea mosaic virus

Virions-Electron micrograph of CaMV virions.png

Cauliflower mosaic virus

An electron micrograph showing a portion of a bacterium covered with viruses

Viral bacteriophages attaching to a bacterial cell wall

An electron micrograph of the virus that caused Spanish influenza

Recreated 1918 flu virus



SARS virion.gif


MERS-CoV electron micrograph3.jpg


Electron micrograph of Hepacivirus C purified from cell culture. Scale bar& = 50 nanometres

Hepatitis C

Electron microscopic image of two Epstein-Barr virus virions (viral particles) showing round capsids (protein-encased genetic material) loosely surrounded by the membrane envelope

Epstein Barr virus






all over the world

this is our Health care right now


Her twitter handle is ER Shit Magnet

She works as an ER Nurse in a big city in the US


Coded a COVID-19 symptoms patient. In his 20’s. We didn’t have enough gear or time to find PPE so 2 nurses were compressing him without masks on while the doc slammed on a PAPR without the fan to intubate. Bloody emesis sprayed on the staff.

Takaya the wolf was shot dead by a hunter

Screen caps of Dr. Josh Lerner’s home page on Facebook, forwarded by Amanda Guinzburg @Guinz on twitter