quiet day

three whole loads of laundry yesterday, whoo ee. Cleaned out the cupboards above the oven. Today the other side of the kitchen. The kitchen table saw me roll out dough for cinnamon buns this morning, but there ain’t no cinnamon, so it’s chocolate-cardamom buns this morning for us. (I’d already put cinnamon on the shopping list, yay ADD)

11432 on the fic

Trying to put together a dulcimer tune with hammering effects.


nothing but funny pics and weird news


scanged from @luckyma_man

There is an EXPLOSION THEMED PARK in FINLAND …. every time I think I can’t love Finland more, look what they do. For more details look it up on youtube.


“FENCING: The Perfect COVID Sport” *Masks *Gloves *If anybody gets closer than 6′ of you, you stab them @NeilLowenthal1


I laughed. @sjvn

Whoever made a gator chase a laser pointer, thank you.

This isn’t funny, but it points out how hard it is to infiltrate anarchists when you’re mostly going to be commuting and making coffee for office workers