I did an art called Festive Season #3

All the “Festive Season” arts are going to be the same – exactly the same digitized snowflakes, but the colour banding is going to be different and I put digital glitter on some of them. Don’t worry, it’s extremely tasteful, because glitter IRL is Satan prancing like an ex in his undies through your engagement garden party, and the digital stuff stays the heck where you put it.

So I went to https://www.misha.studio/snowflaker/ (select grid) and then you get a grid like the foregoing of snerflerks, all different degrees of pointiness. Then I grabbed it with Grab, fired it up in paintbrush (thus the ENTIRE lack of subtlety.) I believe that it’s striking in a ‘what the hell kind of pride flag is that anyhoo?” sort of way. The snowflakes you select will be different. Who’s a special snowflake? Why all of us, all of us, my dears.

I’m wanting to train crows. It is a sad blemish on my character.

All I want to do is eat cinnamon pizza and drink tea.

We got IHOP takeout for breakfast. I have actually had a pretty productive day – three more pieces of mail. I won’t say they’re letters, they’re art like, you know, that thing up there at the top of the post, aka Festive season #3.

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