Kinda hoping to see the grandson today

I don’t know if I will, but I hope to.

Part III Lord of the Rings today, unless Jeff bails. A rewatch every two years is too soon.

I want to make flower buns. I did make flower buns. I want to eat flower buns. They are baking. I didn’t set the timer, I’ll yoink ’em out in 15-20

Time for a huge mug of tea while I contemplate what to say to all my letter writers when not too much is happening. I stayed up all night and slept late and I haven’t eaten anything but bread dough and I still haven’t had the tea and it’s hours later.

Note to Jessie, to be conveyed through mOm:

It may surprise you to learn that in the view of this member of your chosen family, you are still formed for usefulness despite your trials. You are a living image of quiet perseverance; I find your continued assertion of your will and mind quite motivating.

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