yet another perplexingly gorgeous day

Domestic front: I need to do laundry including masks and empty the dishwasher. I’m thinking a curried lentil soup at some point. I want to take barley soup to Caspell Junction today as well, try to patch things up with Paul. He’s still quite pissed with me.

Health: CT scan all happened with such dispatch! I was so pleased, and here I’d been thinking the emergency room would be jammed with sick people, and the place was empty. (This at RCH, my local.)

Letters: two in progress, to the two Daves.

Crows: Fed

614 words today, off to mOm next.

Buster brushed and played with and brushed AGAIN and mini-trained (paw claps, chair jumps)

Now, to dress, figure out something breakfastish, and more tea.

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