overcast and hives

The Goddamn Hives are back. I woke up with a massive one on the back of my hand and the entire surface of my body is one massive itch. Off to bum some loratadine off Jeff.

Mike has apparently moved most of his stuff in with Katie? I’m behind the times. I don’t want to bug her, she calls me when she’s feeling good enough to, and that’s always a nice feeling.

After a reasonably energetic day yesterday I amazed myself by getting up, loading the dishwasher and running it. I mean it was an act of will.

Then I trained Buster. He was very very heavy on the pawclap action today, not so much on the jump and run. He wanted to chase treats along the floor; but he was great and took direction to a second pawclap station, did three in a row and then we finished up with run and chase, which was really what he wanted.  All in all a very satisfactory training session, although I note that he did not do his standard “I am in training mode” signal this morning for the first time in…. months, maybe? He banged into my RIGHT leg, not my left leg. If it hadn’t been a mirror image of his usual signal (literally) I would have thought he was ha ha pulling my leg.

I have still not mailed Tish’s letter. I am a lazy bum, and also, I do not want to leave the house. I can’t contribute to a pandemic if I never get in anyone’s face.

I have no desire to do anything but eat carbs, which is kind of a problem. I’ve drunk a lot of tea, but I have to give my poor kidneys a break.

Bowen Island trip this summer is once again in prospect, and I’m so happy about it.