yet another perplexingly gorgeous day

Domestic front: I need to do laundry including masks and empty the dishwasher. I’m thinking a curried lentil soup at some point. I want to take barley soup to Caspell Junction today as well, try to patch things up with Paul. He’s still quite pissed with me.

Health: CT scan all happened with such dispatch! I was so pleased, and here I’d been thinking the emergency room would be jammed with sick people, and the place was empty. (This at RCH, my local.)

Letters: two in progress, to the two Daves.

Crows: Fed

614 words today, off to mOm next.

Buster brushed and played with and brushed AGAIN and mini-trained (paw claps, chair jumps)

Now, to dress, figure out something breakfastish, and more tea.

Gorgeous day

Wrote about 800 words on HOTM today and yesterday together, made a wonderful chicken barley soup yesterday, otherwise lazed and bummed around. I did zoom into Denis’s memorial service but I couldn’t settle and left my face blacked out so people wouldn’t look at me, or look into my house.

Worked some more on a letter to Dave D.

Did I mention that we watched Boss Level and loved it? We also watched a special about Edinburgh Castle which of course I enjoyed because of how much of Dunnett revolves around it…

the violence

As much as I’d like to mourn the shooting victims in the US, I am much more concerned this morning about the absolute shambolic BC Public Health response. It’s as if, having fucked things up previously they no longer even have to make an effort to make sense or improve things. I am not disappointed, I am boiling over mad.

and from Toronto!:

As for the violence in various US cities, the violence of the oppressed cannot be compared to the violence of the oppressors. The fucking cops are taking money to hurt people, they’re professional torturers at this point.

Weather continues glorious.

I am still at a very low ebb, but my mood was improved greatly yesterday by a trip to the Glenburne dairy for an old fashioned malted milk. (I waited in the car). Jeff then took my advice to take the Gaglardi way home instead of straight back down Gilmore, and we hit all the lights on the way home, which given that it was rush hour, was kind of spectacular (I’ve grown facial hair, waiting for the light at Gaglardi and Lougheed). I saved the whipped cream off the top of it so I may have some coffee – the last of it as far as I can tell, since I gave the rest to the kids – later on today.

My mood is not improved by the constant smell of dead animal all over the house. I may flee the scene just to get away from it.

Upsun note: Slider and Gwenny are talking about what it takes to register a domestic partnership in MST country LOL.

Dennis Probst memorial service today. He was a blessing, the old dandelion-head. CT Scan tomorrow (if it isn’t cancelled, we’ll see). Ultrasound next month. Booster shot in August.

I made flower buns yesterday. Gotta do something with the chicken today.

Not much happening

Allergies are not great at the moment. Lovely weather, of course, but MAN ALIVE there’s a lot of pollen happening.

Another lovely letter in the mail yesterday, this one from Ontie Mary. I’m working on one to Dave D and then after that another letter to Jan M.

Third wave of COVID infections is engulfing this part of BC. DBH has pretty much blown through all her credibility after a solid start.

Injection site for AZ shot is FINALLY not swollen and itchy.

Spent an awful lot of the last two days sleeping, and not really being able to focus on anything at all when I was conscious, except a little food preparation. Three Cheese mac n cheese (MEDIUM CHEDDAR, HAVARTI AND FRESH PARMESAN) with fresh basil, capers and one teaspoon of chopped bacon. TOTALLY NOMS.

I have no urge to write, or practice any instruments, or move, and yet my mood is okay – I mean I don’t feel down or anything, just kinda immobile.

TODAY fart soup I mean lentil soup. Maybe. I feel a great pile of relaxation coming on.

End of Song a day run

I have about another forty songs to prep and record, and I’ve run out of both songs and energy. I’ll post them when I can and then put together a master post with all of the songs listed.

I lost a lot of recordings when I lost a hard drive, and I’ve written some stuff since, but as far as recordable tunes, the count is currently somewhere around 170. Not as good as I thought, but better than most, I imagine.

Current projects:

continuing to write letters (mailed two yesterday, received a MOST welcome letter from Lois, may her god continue to bless and keep her)

HOTM – just the ‘best roommate in the world section’ is ALREADY novel length – okay 47K words but damned close. It may end up being a novel all by itself. I am working on it.

Bih-bah the conlang

Tarot for Atheists

My sanity – which is, I’ll be candid, not good at the moment

Attempting to remove ableist language from my vocabulary. WOW OH WOW is that hard.

OLD bugs NEW mental health

If it isn’t broken, don’t need to fix it.

This kind of technology has the potential to reduce human suffering on a planetary scale, but governments could also use it to hunt down and kill people with mental health problems to stop ‘social disruption’ so….



Also, regarding the shooting of a Black man in Brooklyn Centre MN



Three years ago today Assassin’s Creed Odyssey came out

Or it would have if today was Oct 2, 2021!


And here’s a song to celebrate it.

Alexios the murder hobo
ran around ancient Greece
He loved to deal out mostly dealt in violence (pron VOI LINCE)
And he dealt it out piece by piece
He’d skulk run around the market square
Inquiring if anybody needed as to anybody needing some murdering there
He’d take it on for a hefty price
And how he got it done wasn’t often the way he got things done (waaaaal) not very nice

cause he’s a HOBO!
He’s a murderous
Out a-murdering…
He’s a murderous ….
but ya gotta love the way he loves to do his thing
Alexios the murder hobo
hailed from Thermopylae
Stabs folksbin’ people more or less at random
He really is quite one hell of a guy
He kills stabs by day, he stabskills by night
His armour gets the credit when he’s in a big-ass boss fight
He got a bird named Icarus
He always wears the sweetest little truss and he’s a

He’s a murderous
Out a-murdering…
He’s a murderous ….
but ya gotta love the way he loves to do his thing


Alexios the murder hobo
has everything an Ancient Greek needs
a fabulously stellar reputation
for ugly and horrific deeds
He’ll poison…. all the boys in your crew
and come back (or creep back) in the dead of night and do for you too


Alexios the murder hobo
goes shopping twice or thrice a day
If I spent that much time boutiquing
My folks would have me put away
The drachmae go ka-ching
on all that shiny bling
and man, how it must sting
to pay for anything
when you’re a HOBO
Retail sucks when you’re a hobo
out a murdering
Hobo, he’s a murderous
but you got to love the way he loves etc. etc.
Alexios the murder hobo
Has ships that run on magical oars
I don’t know who they’ve got below decks
I bet that they’ve got friction sores
The sails go up, the sails come down
the rigging defies physics and then BANG they run aground
And he’s a hobo, a right piratical hobo
out a-murderin’
Hobo, it’s legitimate salvage PLEASE NOTE BONUS EXPANSE REFERENCE
and you got to love the way he loves to do his thing

Alexios the murder hobo
has one final mission to complete
Climb up every statue on the game map
and teabag them with rhythm sweet
He’ll scramble up
He’ll scramble down
Take a screen cap in the middle
and scramble out of town
Cause he’s a hobo, a pirate thief murdering pervert hobo
out a murdering
Hobo, he’s a murdering hobo
but it’s a filk crowd and now it is time for you to do your thing

International Beer Day! Buy me a Beer.

On youtube, it’s here. I’m ever so much better a singer as of December 2020, when I posted this, but that’s okay. I’ve sung this at a lot of places, including as part of the entertainment at a company festive gathering at the Vancouver Aquarium.

International Beer Day is August 6 but you really want a beer now. Beer weather almost here. Beer.

The lyrics:

Buy me a beer

Buy me a beer, make it a cold one
buy me a beer, or maybe two or three
I may get to like your face
Once the goggles are in place
buy me a beer, or maybe two or three

Tell me a joke make it a funny one
Tell me a joke or maybe two or three
My heart’s been torn in half
I could really use a laugh
Tell me a joke or maybe two or three

Tell me a lie, and not just any lie
Tell me a lie, you made up just for me
There’s a lot of truth around
Layin’ scuffed up on the ground
Tell me a lie, a purty one for me

Instrumental break IN the BEST versions

Ask me to dance if I’m still sober
Give me a chance to prove I can unwind
I ain’t always hatin’ men, I just mess up now and then
Ask me to dance, I’ll dance him offa my mind

I’m leaving the bar, no please don’t join me
Cause he’ll be waiting in his car
Outside my place
And he’ll have been drinking too
what you think he’s gonna do when he sees you
That’s right, honey, bust you in the face!

Final chorus….


And for the most part I’ve ceased drinking, as it’s horrible for every other aspect of my health but my mood, and it only improves my mood for the briefest time… thus this song represents a youth enjoyed but left behind without regret. It makes me sound like an antique, but I can’t call myself that, or my parents might get offended. (December 2020.)

Tapioca Song

Today is National Tapioca Day OR IT WOULD BE IF IT WAS JUNE 28TH.

I had to reach into the future posts to get this situated here.

Here it is on Youtube.

If comfort food is what you crave…. mmmm tapioca
please don’t cook it in the microwave …. mmmm tapioca

no tapioca in the microwave
no tapioca in the microwave

My husband said I don’t think that I’m eating that …. no tapioca
That could not be eaten by a starving rat …. no tapioca

no tapioca in the microwave
no tapioca in the microwave

I pulled it from the pot it made a scary sound …. SCHLOOP tapioca
Bounced twice when I dropped it on the ground …. WHOA tapioca
no tapioca in the microwave
no tapioca in the microwave

Now I know double boilers are a grandma thing …. mmmm tapioca
Harder than waiting for the bell to ring …. mmmm tapioca

no tapioca in the microwave
no tapioca in the microwave

I’ll call NASA with a great big smile ….. yes! tapioca!
I know what to do about the thermal tiles ….. yes! tapioca!
no tapioca in the microwave
no tapioca in the microwave

One last chorus, if you’re doing it en masse, with a super slow and deep last note.


Mother’s Day

THIS is probably one of the best songs I ever wrote. Your mileage may vary.


Well he went to his mother to ask her for her blessing for the life of a robber he was headlong bound. He knelt on the dirt floor of the house where he was born, she blessed him and she said,

“My son, go forth and steal!” x2

Crack baby born in a hospital room, and she’s seven months old and she’s known no other home. Thousands more like her as friendless as can be, and what will she grow into without help from you and me.

Don’t you know/how a mother loves her children. x2

Say hi to Mom say hi Now say goodbye

When I first held that helpless infant to my breast I thought, “It may get better but so far this is the best” nothing could prepare me for the way that I would feel! there’s magic in imagining, more magic in the real

Don’t you know/how a mother loves her children. x2

Thank you Gord, for doing such a great job on this… that’s him in on guitar and I think that is Mick Fleetwood on canned ie previously recorded drums.